BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION - (For most construction and remodeling projects, plumbing, change of heating sources)

ELECTRICAL PERMIT APPLICATION - (For electrical work only)

ZONING HEARING BOARD APPLICATION - (For requesting a variance, appealing an action of the Zoning Officer & challenging the validity of the Zoning Ordinance.)(Contact Township Officials before submitting this application.)

REZONING REQUEST APPLICATION - (For requesting a property change from one zoning district to another.) (Contact Township Officials before submitting this application.)

CONDITIONAL USE APPLICATION - (For applying for a Conditional Use on a property which is permitted by the Spring Township Zoning Ordinance.)  (Consult with Township Officials before submitting this application.)

ZONING PERMIT APPLICATION - (For minor construction projects such as sheds, decks less than 30 inches high, small detached carports, temporary uses and changing of use of a property.)

ROAD OCCUPANCY PERMIT APPLICATION - (For new driveways and where driveway is being widened at road entrance and utility work within Township Road right-of-ways.)

SIGN PERMIT APPLICATION - (For all signs to be added or modified as required by the Spring Township Sign Ordinance.)

PLAN REVIEW APPLICATION - (For all Subdivision, Land Development, Lot Addition and Consolidation Plans submitted for review.)


HOME OCCUPATION PERMIT APPLICATION - (For approval of a Home Occupation as permitted in the Spring Township Zoning Ordinance, Ch.27 Section 204.H)



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