Telephone Directory


Emergency: Call 9-1-1

Spring Township 355.7543
Spring Township PD 355.5134
Water Authority 355.7543
Zoning/Planning & Codes 355.5067
Spring/Benner/Walker Joint Authority 355.4778
Pleasant Gap Fire Co 359.2102
Logan Fire Co 355.3100
Undine Fire Co 355.2100
Bellefonte Post Office 355.2821
 PSP Rockview State Police 355.7545

Public Education

Pleasant Gap Elementary 359.2739
Bellefonte Elementary 355.5519
Centre County Christian Academy 355.7805
Marion-Walker Elementary 383.2338
Benner Township Elementary 355.2812
Bellefonte Middle School 355.4566
Bellefonte High School 355.4833
Central PA Inst. of Science & Technology 359.2793
St John's Catholic School 355.7859
Centre County Library 355.1516

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1309 Blanchard St.
Bellefonte, PA 16823
Phone: (814) 355-7543

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